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Written by Dr. William Mark Bristow   
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 11:03


In early January, 1999, after waking up one morning to find that the right side of my body was paralyzed, I was diagnosed with remitting/relapsing Multiple Sclerosis.  Hearing that diagnosis was a life changing event; one that began our walk to a miracle.

During the period of diagnosis of the disease, I was subjected to all forms of medical tests - everything from spinal taps to MRIs.  When I first became paralyzed, the neurologists and neurosurgeons explained to me that I had a brain tumor; one that was inoperable because of its location in the center of my brain.  So imagine my relief to learn that what I had was Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that had been subject of intense research and as I came to learn, one for which several pharmaceutical therapies has been developed. Thus began my search for a medical miracle; I had placed my faith in science.

Over the next seven years, I experienced several instances during which the paralysis returned and where I would lose control of various functions of my body but overall, the doctors were managing the disease with medication and physical therapy with some success.  I was in acceptance of the disease process and was thankful that the initial diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor was not my reality.  I continued to search after a scientific medical miracle.

During the late summer months of 2007, the treatments I had been receiving were no longer working and I began a rapid decline.  By early September of that year, my muscle control and balance had declined to a point that required me to use a cane just to stand on my feet.  I continued to seek the medical miracle and went to my doctor intending that he find some new therapy that would reverse the decline I was experiencing.  After a lengthy examination, the doctor informed me that my disease had progressed to the secondary degenerative stage and the only other treatment available was the use of chemotherapy - just like the treatment for cancer.  He informed me that the chemo would be administered in a hospital once a month for the next two years with the aim of suppressing my immune system and hopefully resetting it.  The doctor also stated that at the end of the two years of treatment, there was nothing further that could be done other than to let the disease run its course.  Though I explicitly trusted my doctor, I wasn't willing to accept this diagnosis and asked for a second opinion.  My walk now had a sense of urgency - I just knew that there must be a cure and I just needed to find the right doctor.

After seeing the neurologist to whom I was referred and undergoing 24 hours of testing, he sat me down and gave me his findings.  I wondered if he was reading a script because his words were exactly the same as those spoken to me by my regular doctor.  At this point I was not willing to accept that we were rapidly headed toward a dead-end so I asked for yet another referral and in the meantime, began the chemotherapy.

In October of 2007, I received a call from the Mayo Clinic telling me that I had been accepted into their program at the recommendation of my doctor.  My wife and I had accepted Jesus as our personal savior, but were little more than "pew warmers" at that stage of our lives.  We went to church on Sunday and Wednesday because that was what we thought we were supposed to do but we were not hungry for the word of God and in fact, never even read our Bibles other than to prepare for Sunday School lessons.  All that said, I believed God had intervened and had made it possible for me seek new medical treatment that was going to be my miracle - a miracle of science.  My wife and I went about the task of gathering all of my medical records and prepared for the trip to Mayo.

At Mayo, we were treated very well and I underwent a week long testing regimen so that along with the records I had brought, the doctors would have an accurate picture of where I was in the disease process.  At the end of the testing I was scheduled to meet with the doctor in charge of my case to discuss my therapy plan.  I went to that meeting believing that the doctor was going to tell me that the previous diagnosis was wrong and that they had a new radical treatment that was going to get me back up and moving with no problem.  However, that belief was quickly dashed when the Mayo Clinician parroted the two earlier reports and informed me that the only chance I had was to continue with chemotherapy.  But, this doctor gave me news that no other had given me - he told me that based upon the test results the disease was progressing rapidly and  I would be confined to a wheelchair within twelve months.

Cindy and I had prayed and knew that God could heal me and even though we had prayed for a miracle, we believed our miracle was getting accepted by the Mayo Clinic.  We resigned ourselves to the fact that we need to prepare for my paralysis.  We began to look for homes that would accommodate a wheelchair and looked at several great prospects but we heard about one that several of our friends considered to be perfect so we asked our Realtor to set an appointment for us to see it.  Our Realtor informed us that she has been trying to get an appointment to see that home but had been unsuccessful; however, she said she would try again.  God had His hand on the situation and we immediately got the appointment!  Now it's important to note that I said "God had His hand on it," I don't mean getting the appointment but what happened at the appointment.  It is very unusual for the home owner to be present when a prospective buyer tours a home but in this case, the current owners were indeed present when we made the tour.

The owners led us on tour of their home and after seeing it, we were immediately sure that this was THE house.  Just as we were about to leave, the man asked me to come look at his den and we did so.  Once we got in the den, he asked me if I had received Christ as my personal savior and I promptly said yes.  He then asked me I he could pray for me and ask our Lord to heal me.  We prayed and then my wife and I went home.  We were now convinced more than ever that this was the house for us and was about to tell our Realtor to make a full asking price offer on the home but before we could call, we got a call from the man asking us to allow him and another man to come to our home and pray for us - we immediately said yes.  He and his friend came to our home and ministered love and healing to us for the remainder of the evening.  Cindy and I asked the Holy Spirit to guide our lives that night and we both received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - PRAISE GOD!  We began to pray and seek God as we had never done before but I continued a rapid decline.

By December, 2007, my body had degraded to a point that I was bed-ridden and required assistance with even the most routine tasks such as eating. Cindy had to sit with me the entire time I ate to make sure that I didn't choke on the food as I was unable to stay awake or swallow properly.  On December 21, 2007, I awoke and was certain that I was living my last day on earth.  My wife sensed that I believed this and immediately contacted our prayer partners.  Their prayers and praise went up and God's Glory came down - I found new strength. The man who owned the house we had looked at had now become a friend. He called me and told me that he was at a loss as to why God wasn't answering our prayers for healing and asked God why.  The Holy Spirit let him know that Cindy and I were not seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness - we were merely praying for healing; going through the motions.  The Spirit let him know that we must fast and pray just as Jesus did when he was facing the wilderness.

We began a fast and during that time, we daily prayed all of the scriptures from the Bible having to do with healing that God led us to.  At the end of the fast, our friend stood on the Word with us and took us before the elders of a spirit-filled congregation so that they could lay hands on me just as we are instructed to do by God's Word.  On January 6, 2008, we did just that - we went to a congregation that has become our home church and received healing from God!  At 3:45 PM on that day, I was immediately able to stand and walk without a cane!  Not only that but I was able to climb stairs and to run - something I hadn't been able to do without difficulty for nearly ten years and had not been able to do at all for the last year.

Praise God - I was healed.  I returned to the Mayo Clinic in October, 2008 where they verified that the lesions on my brain had either totally disappeared or were disappearing.  The doctors said that though my test still indicate signs consistent with multiple sclerosis, they are unable to explain the remarkable change in the MRI and my physical presentation.

Though I still battle daily with the enemy about my healing, God took me from a bed-ridden state to walking instantaneously.

Thank You Jesus for my miracle.

from Roy's ministry website:  www.rakeyministries.com


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